It is reported, on January 29, the Beijing municipal education commission anno unced on the strengthening of primary and secondary schools APP account management, Internet groups, the p ublic notice.Notice requires that each area should be used in middle and primary schools in the March 1 APP, We Chat group, QQ group, and WeChat public number, a comprehensive checking twitter accounts. Notification requirements, once found in the process of trying to contain p ornographic violence, online games, commercial advertising content and link s, such as using chaozuoye, make of exams, reported scores ranking exam-oriented education means such as inc reasing student schoolwork burden, dissemination ofRead More →

  On January 28, on January 9, 2019 in the west peidian peidian palace yangxin temple was found in the process of tory are recor ded on this.According to the study of the actor’s life, and ultimately determine the repertory for light to play.According to fold re pertory, New Year’s eve day, after heavy China palace area rinse fang zhai temple Jin Zhaoyu essence put section dressi ng in addition to age, in the summer wash fang zhai courtyard (that is, the “front desk”) provided by folding on “l ive to meet years”, in dry qing “Kim dinh play thing” and so on.China news agency reportersRead More →

China youth network in xi ‘an, jan 28 (Reuters)(reporter generation balas) on Janu ary 6, in the drug control departments of public security of sichuan pro vince, with the help of shaanxi provincial public security command, analyzes the public security organs, after mo re than a month of careful investigation, every uncovered “11.25” heavy manufacturing drugs, successfully des troyed in the grassland, zhenba drug factory.The police arrested suspected man ufacturing drug, the drug gang members 10, the scene seized all kinds of crystal meth a total of 107.52 kg. Police arrested the drug gangs at one blow.Shaanxi province public security department for your figure ManufacturingRead More →

  Taiyuan in Shanxi Province, a take-awa y brother ride electric vehicles on the road on th e retrograde, crashed into a BMW, but the next scene jaw-dropping.   Photo: wang   After the police arrived at the judgement is take-out little elder brother solely, and undoubtedly, righteousness and BMW owner understanding take-away little brother hard, active offered to pay for repair, such as take-away little elder brother only apologize to apologize.   But unexpectedly, take-away little brother refuses to bow to admit, even if the traffic police angrily rejected rep eatedly refused to apologize, it was not until the last admits that he is wrong, but far fromRead More →

Tencent sports on Jan. 27 – New Orleans pelican at home to meet the challenge of the SAN A ntonio spurs, the pelican team star Anthony Davis, and the other two post player Randall and m Luo Diji are m issing, the results the spurs pulled away gradually in the game, eventually to a 126-114 victory over the pelican. The player data: Spurs guy 22 points and 10 rebounds, and pau gasol had 13 points, nine rebounds and 4 assists, lamarcus al dridge 28 points and 12 rebounds, 12 points and 4 assists, white Forbes 11 points and three assists.The pelican team h orner diRead More →

As the saying goes, there are cruel to play, there is no cruel father m other.Chifeng city in Inner Mongolia autonomous region, however, a pair of husband and wife because don’t get to the I nternet, but plans to sell his own twins.24, the reporter learns from chifeng city yuanbaoshan district public s ecurity bureau, the bureau successfully solved by the use of network trafficking in women and children. On November 29, 2018, yuanbaoshan Interpol brigade to get clues, local man fo lk-rock suspected of network selling baby.Police immediately organize forces to visit, investigate and work, then locked the suspect and carries on the monitor.Read More →

  When it comes to Zhu Guangquan, everybody is not strange “mutual concern” at midnight news…Are show hosted by him, with a “no earth, we don’t hav e a holiday” and poking fun at the Rap in the weather, has now successfully C debut, netizens agree.   And every time when he deliberately to do stand-up rap, there are a lot of sweet ne tizens love wandering in the edge of being crazy, also conscientiously wi th his “performance” sign language teacher.”Who the good cycle of heaven, heaven have mercy”, this time the sign lang uage teacher finally got the chance to “kill”, a period of useRead More →

Yang managed a couple with a son away to the police.MiaoZhiYong perturbation Beijing, chengdu on January 26 (MiaoZhiYong) in the home busy preparing bazhong, sichuan province b azhou area residents Yang is a special purchases, if so-and-so couples who didn’t dream of, been abducted son of 18 ye ars “trafficking” under the bazhou district public security bureau police escort, a few days ago appeared in front o f his life.18 years of loss of a child and long for, meet in the moment, Yang shed tea rs of excitement for some couples, holding the son for a long time not loosen. 10 PM on JanuaryRead More →

(the original title: unable to wikipedia Haidian court official website announced that due to think “indiscretions encyclopedia” web publishing, spreading fals e information, but of its business reputation and product reputation, shenzhen tencent computer systems co., LT D., and tencent technology (Beijing) co., LTD., on the grounds that the dispute of unfair competition, will be “i ndiscretions encyclopedia” operating from interstate infinite (Beijing) technology co., LTD., appealed to the co urt, to stop infringement, apologize, and compensate for the loss of 500000 yuan. Gong Xun said, off an earlier trademark and Logo is being take disguised as em barrassing things to download an App toRead More →

In recent days, there has been a heated discussion on the Internet about Sun Nan and his ex-wife’s purchase of Hongmei’s eldest daughter to attend a school in Xuzhou. Tucao points mainly around the school without school qualifications, teachers no teacher qualification certif icate, the diploma issued by the school does not admit that children can not take part in the college entrance ex amination after graduation, the new curriculum involves the community’s controversial “female virtues” and so on. Because Sun Nan’s family members are more complex now, it is the second ma riage to reorganize the family. The marriage between Pan Wei and SunRead More →