nery Industry Federation, said the organization’s member companies are optimistic because th e extension of the March 1 tariff deadline should help both Chinese and US companies restore their ab ility to trade, while pacifying Chinese companies that have already invested heavily in machinery manufacturing in the US. “It is increasingly evident that tariffs had negative effects — such as rising unemployment an d slowing growth rates — not only in China and the US, but also in many parts of the world,” said Xue Ro ngjiu, deputy director of the Beijing-based China Society for WTO Studies research institute. The proposed tariff delay indicates economicRead More →

affairs committee of the Law Society of Hong Kong, said the appointment of Hong Kong and M acao-based arbitrators to Nansha would be important in allowing Hong Kong and Macao residents to directly participate in the social and economic development of the Chinese mainland. “The introduction of Hong Kong-and Macao-based legal workers will help build a more open market and business system based on international practices,” Wong was quoted as saying by Guangzhou Daily. According to Wong, the court of arbitration for labor and personnel disputes of Nansha, which was set up in May 2 017, had already conducted exchanges with its Hong Kong counterparts.Read More →

  Sen. Dianne Feinstein clashed Friday with a group of children over climate change policy, criticizing their requests that she back the Green New Deal, ac cusing them of presenting an ultimatum and contrasting their inability to vote with her three decades in office.   The exchange comes as moderate Democrats grapple with the Green New Deal, a 10-yea r plan to mitigate climate change championed by progressives such as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York.   In a video posted on Facebook by the Sunrise Movement, a youth climate-change advocacy group, more than a dozen ch ildren and several adults meet with the senator to present herRead More →

  back to whoever sent you here,” she says, citing that the deal doesn’t have a single Republican in favor of the proposal and “the k ey to good legislation is to tailor something that you write so that it can pass, and you can get a step ahead.”   When a girl urges her to vote yes anyway, Feinstein replies, “I may do that … but it’s not a good resolution.”   In a statement Friday night about the confrontation, Feinstein said she “always welcomes the oppo rtunity to hear from Californians who feel passionately about this issue and it remains a top priority of mine.”   ”Unfortunately,Read More →

  US and Israeli leaders continued to push for confrontation with Iran at the Warsaw ministe rial meeting on Middle East security Thursday, strongly criticizing Europe as they did so.   Vice President Mike Pence cast Iran as the central driver of all regional instabil ity as he addressed the 62 countries gathered in Warsaw and ripped in to Europe for its refusal to leave the Iran nuclear deal and join Washington on increasing sanctions on Tehran.   ”Sadly, some of our leading European partners have not been nearly as coope rative” on Iran as countries in the Gulf have been, Pence said in an address to theRead More →

  a statement saying he had met with Gulf leaders to discuss their common interest in “war wit h Iran.” On Thursday, Netanyahu added his own criticism of Europe, noting that the US had pulled out of the Iran deal and added sanctions. “The Europeans should join this effort rather than try to circumvent it,” he said.   Pence’s remarks — both about Europe and advocating for an aggress ive stance against Iran — are likely to become yet another irritant between the US and Eu rope, already at odds over the Iran nuclear deal, trade, the Paris climate agreement as well as President Donald Tr ump’sRead More →

  behind that report, said Thursday on Twitter that “the Pope promised real change to protec t children. Based on our investigation, it’s clear that the church can not be trusted to police itself.”   The Pope promised real change to protect children. Based on our investigation, it’s clear that the church can not be trusted to police itself. To fully addr ess the crisis and ensure that the abuse and cover up of this scale never happens again, I believe they must do 5 things:   — Josh Shapiro (@JoshShapiroPA) February 21, 2019   Shapiro’s comments come just two days after Catholic leaders in Denver reached an agreemRead More →

  Japan’s top companies are losing patience with the United Kingdom as Brexit fast approaches.   Honda (HMC) became the latest to reduce its exposure to the British economy, announcing Tuesday that it will shu tter its only manufacturing plant in the country by 2021, a move that is expected to result in the loss of at least 3,500 jobs.   The company denied any link with Brexit but auto industry experts sa id the uncertainty over future market access and the risk of tariffs must have played a part.   Honda’s bombshell follows the decision by rival automaker Nissan (NSANF) to sc rap plans to build a newRead More →

leave the European Union, and Honda CEO Takahiro Hachigo said in Tokyo that the decision was not rel ated to Brexit. But uncertainty concerning Britain’s future trading relationship with its bigg est export market is one of the big clouds hanging over the car industry. Brexit backdrop Christian Stadler, an autos expert and professor of strategic management at Warw ick Business School, said that Brexit “must have been a factor” in Honda’s decision. “Companies from Japan and other countries were attracted to Britain because it gave them easier entry to the luc rative European market, through an English speaking country. At the moment, there isRead More →

there is a relatively stable world economy. The high-technology sector and e-commerce can be especially fast-growing given their rapid development in both countries, Li Xin, director of the Ru ssian Center for Central Asian Studies at the Shanghai Institute of International Studies, told the Global Times on Thursday. Li added that some traditional industries, such as energy, could witness a decrease in total trade as international fuel prices decline. The expansion in China-Russia trade in 2018 was largely due to stable international economic growth and a closer bilateral relationship, rather than a consequence of the China-US trade dispute, Li said. Both countries have introduced policiesRead More →