been raised since the last Belt and Road Foru two years ago. One of these concerns is the need for infrastructure proje cts to be more responsive to the local circumstances of BRI member countries.” Duncan Freeman, a research fellow at the EU-China Research Centre at the College of Euro pe in Bruges, Belgium, said infrastructure is important for economic growth, so buildi ng infrastructure and building connectivity and efficient infrastructure are important. Jon Taylor, a professor of political science at the University of St. Tho mas in Houston, Texas, in the United States, said Xi wants to convey a specific message: that C www.shlf666.cnRead More →

 clear of the areas as the investigation will take several hours. “Please respect the medical privacy of victims and their families during this difficult time,” it tweeted. It also asked the public not to spread misinformation that could cause concern or panic. “Thoughts and prayers to all of those affected by the shooting at the Sy nagogue in Poway, California. God bless you all. Suspect apprehended. Law enforcement did outstanding job,” U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted shortly after the shooting. In Los Angeles, police said they were closely monitoring t he synagogue shooting in Poway and “communicating with our local, state and federal partners.” shlfb.cnRead More →

in an abundance of caution, we will conduct high visibility patrols around synagog uesa and other houses of worship,” the Los Angeles Police Department tweeted. The Chabad of Poway website said the congregation i s a center for Jewish people of all backgrounds. It was established in 1986. Chabad offers a wide variety of educational and spiritual opportunities, including Torah classes and lectures, Shabbaton dinners, and an array of family and social activities, according to the website. Poway, about 20 miles north of downtown San Diego, is the sa fest city in the San Diego County and among the safest in the state of CaliforniaRead More →

 which means the project will provide a large number of jobs to lo cal communities,” he said. “It is expected that up to 100,000 to 200,000 locals will be d rawn to the new economic zone after its completion. They will rise out of poverty by working in this zone.” The project will be beneficial to both China and Cambodia, Qian said. “Many Chinese companies go overseas to expand their businesses. However, because of a la ck of experience and related knowledge, most of them face huge obstacles abroad,” he said. “Our company has done overseas business for mo re than 40 years and willRead More →

Zhonghao Overseas Construction Engineering Co, a Beijing-based private company established in 2001, has been drill ing wells in countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative, including in Algeria, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda. Tian Chao, president of the company, said those projects have provid ed jobs for local people, solved their water problems and helped balance foreign exchange. “The projects are platforms for more influential good things that we can do for those countries,” he said. The company said it has drilled about 10,000 wells in 275 projects in those countries, with a total c ontract value of $510 million. The wells ensure thatRead More →

eijing, Hangzhou, Johannesburg and London. The events have been broadcast live on inter net and multimedia platforms, reaching an international audience, particularly young people. This upcoming event will also be broadcast live on the China Daily website and ap p, as well as China Daily’s account on Sina Weibo, Tencent Video, Toutiao, Bilibili, Facebook and Twitter platforms. A former Peking University student suspected of killing his mother has been captured after th ree years on the run, said a Fuzhou Public Security Bureau official on Thursday, Beijing News reported. Wu Xieyu was caught at Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport when boa rding a plane on AprilRead More →

pillars of the initiative are important. The most and best (part) of it, I think, is connectiv ity and inter-culture exchange, sustainable development agenda, and knowledge transfer. China is the biggest market in the world. We have enough resources in our country. We want our p roduct get access to the market and we also want to live in good infrastructure, such as roads, railw ays, schools, hospitals. I also hope knowledge of China come to our country. We have sea access, and good infra structure can help our country and neighboring countries get access to the Maritime Silk Road. China has become the second-largestRead More →

and Road initiative, calling on free and inclusive trade, global cooperation in the spirit of peace and pr ogress, and the exchange and enhancement of the cultural foundations of human mankind. His rem arks were very well received by the attending heads of states and other distinguished delegates. He called on the world to give up on protectionism, nationalism and isolationism. Xi added that the B&R is building bridges to make the world a better place. We heard from the Chinese president about the me aning and the importance of the initiative, which is cooperation and benefits for all. A new law in China aboutRead More →

ed our heart. I have the same feeling about world development. The speech really firms our belief in a more intercon nected and mutually developed world. China’s policy of persisting in reform and opening up is an inspiring polic y to the world. It will build so many bridges of mutual development for the belt and road region. China is going to main tain a friendly and peaceful development attitude, and it will help the Belt & Road countries to get investment wit h high quality. Also, President Xi really showed us a new model of development and investment, focusing on s ustainable development, greenRead More →

cutive Elon Musk on a call discussing the results. “It’s probably about the right time.” He also said he would prefer Tesla to be private but “that ship has sailed.” The company which is ramping up production of its Model 3 electric sedan, the vehicle Tesla sees as the key to future succ ess, stood by its 2019 delivery forecast of 360,000 to 400,000 vehicles and said it may produce as many as 50 0,000 vehicles if its factory in Shanghai reaches volume production in the fourth quarter. Tesla said it would make a loss in its second quarter but predicted a return to profitRead More →