ssible national security concerns. Fair engagement across technologies is a better way to secure national security than delinking. “The cost of decoupling will be very high for both economies,” he said. “Engage ment in a fair competition with common rules is a far better outcome than decoupling.” If there has to be some “decoupling” due to “valid national security conc erns” in both countries, that should be kept to a minimum and not exaggerated, he said. “Normal commerce is in the interest of both of our countries. And we should pursue it vigorously,” he added. Allen also said members of the council are worried thatRead More →

ood jobs in areas that are poor, where good jobs are needed,” he said. “We should celebrate that advancement of econ omic opportunity in the United States. And similarly, we should expand US investment in China.” US goods exports to China declined by 7 percent in 2018, as trade disputes between the two economies began to bite, but still outpaced growth in exports to the rest of the world over the past decade, ac cording to the 2019 State Export Report released earlier this month by the US-China Business Council. The report said China continued to be important to US economic growth, supporting more thanRead More →

ties, which are developing “very good” momentum both politically and econom ically, said Ruan Zongze, vice-president of the China Institute of International Studies. Trade between the two countries “made a major breakthrough” and exceeded $100 billion in 2018, and the two permanent mem bers of the United Nations Security Council have been coordinating closely on major international issues, Ruan said. This year marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of bilateral ties, which are said to have reached their best level in history. Also, the attendance of the two countries’ leaders at each other’s internat ional forums shows both sides’ support for an open globalRead More →

The RMB’s daily trading reference, or the central parity for onshore trading, has been stabilized ar ound 6.89 per dollar for eight days from May 20, and market watchers said market-oriented depreciation pressure was losing steam. Yi Gang, the central bank governor, has said several times that the PBOC has ceased dir ect intervention in foreign exchange markets, and the performance of RMB is addressed mainly by market forces. General Wei Fenghe, China’s defense minister, will attend the coming Shangri-La Dialogue set to open on Friday in Singapore according to Senior Colonel Wu Qian, spokesman for the Defense Ministry. Wei’s attendance will be the secondRead More →

and scope of influence in developing relations with Pacific island cou ntries, and will be good friends and partners trusted by them forever, Xi said on Tue sday. Xi made the remarks while meeting with visiting Vanuatu Prime Minister Charlot Salwai in Beijing. The Chi na-Vanuatu relationship has become a good example of relations between China and Pacific island countries, Xi s aid, adding political mutual trust between the two countries keeps d eepening and exchanges and cooperation in various fields continue to expand. Xi said the country appreciates Vanuatu resolutely adhering to the one-C hina policy, and supports it independently choosing the development pathRead More →

ed by 8.4 percentage points, as the global financial crisis caused demands to fall drastically. It i s possible that the Sino-US trade dispute could have a similar impact on the job market. So the government should implement an expansionary macroeconomic policy to create a loose em ployment environment and better implement social security measures to cope with frictional u nemployment and the structural employment problem of college graduates. To offset the possible negative impact of the Sino-US trade dispute on college graduates’ employment, the government sho uld also expand post-graduate enrollment, increase internships for unemployed college graduates and imp lement favorable policies to easeRead More →

t riding against the traffic and parking are not allowed on the bikeway. In t he event of a bicycle breakdown, cyclists should wheel their bikes to the nearest exi t and leave the bikeway, keeping to the right side of the road, said the rules. There are eight entrances and exits on th e 6.5-km bikeway and six of them are equipped with assistive mobility devices for bicycles. To better meet the needs of commuters, a reversible lane has been introdu ced on the bikeway, and cyclists should ride in the direction shown on the signs. Some 11,600 commuters travel between Huilongguan and ShangdiRead More →

 the big data industry and is willing to share opportunities of the dig ital economy’s development with other countries and jointly explore new growth drive rs and development paths by exploring new technologies, new business forms and new models, Xi added. With increasingly wider applications of digital technologies in China, the country is expected to genera te and store 27.8 percent of global online data by 2025, up from 23.4 percent last year, according to a re port by market researcher International Data Corp and data storage firm Seagate. In comparison, the US share will stand at 17.5 percent by 2025, a drop from itsRead More →

ched a total volume of over 31 trillion yuan ($4.5 trillion), or 34.8 percent of its GDP, in 2018. Yang Xiaowei, deputy head of the Cyberspace Administration of China, also called for more efforts to develop the homegr own big data sector and highlighted that stepping up research and development is key to mastering core technologies. Paul Romer, co-recipient of the 2018 Nobel Prize in economics and profe ssor of economics at New York University, said he is impressed by China’s proposal in cyb er sovereignty which he understands as: Each nation must be able to write and enforce its own laws that reg ulateRead More →

Party,” Farage told reporters in Southampton in southern E ngland where vote tallies from across the southeast region were being collated. “The intelligence I get is that the Brexit party is doing pretty well,” sa id Farage, who headed one of the two Brexit campaigns in the 2016 referendum. While May was forced to delay Brexit after agreeing a deal that the British parliament and much of her party reject ed, the Labour Party has voiced both support for another referendum and a promise to honour the result of the 2016 vote. The impact of such a severe election drubbing for the major parties isRead More →