rp focus on the 上海品茶微信女神会所most strategic levers of change, humanity can turn this crisis into an opportunity.” Kjorven said that after several decades of uninterrupted high-speed development, unmatched in human history, that lifted 800 milli on people out of poverty, China is today an example for the world when it comes to effective economic pol icymaking, mobilization of capital at home and abroad for productive purposes, and investment in its people. “China can show the way to a safer, healthier and more sustainable food future, by taking bold action at home and inspi ring and engaging the rest of the world,” he said. “Chinese PresidentRead More →

tween the two countries have become firm and unshakable, with fruitful outcomes generated from pragmatic cooperation, Xi said. They have brought tangible benefits to the two peoples and made p ositive contributions to the stability and development in the region, he added. Both countries are at a cru2cial period in their development, Xi said, and bilateral cooperation has broad prospects. He said he considers Sino-Malaysian ties highly important and expressed hope that the two countries, taking the joint building of the B elt and Road as an opportunity, would strengthen synergies between their development strategies to inject new c ontent into the China-Malaysia comprehensive strategicRead More →

pening-up in China’s services sector, together with high-tech development supported by artificial intelligence, will help lift Chinese economic growth from 6.3 percent to around 7 percent by 2035, said Zhu Min, a former deputy managing director at the IMF. “Market-oriented reform and opening-up will improve productivity in the service sector, whi ch is an important thing that China is focusing on to stabilize economic growth,” Zhu said. Chen Yulu, a vice-governor of the PBOC, also supported a “full-scale” opening of the financial sector. In the future, foreign invest ors are welcome to conduct all forms of financial business in China, excepting those being named onRead More →

was first hired in November 2016, but his original two-year stint in China delivered littl e to cheer about. He was unable to take China to the World Cup finals in Russia in 2018. The 71-year-old Lippi had stepped down in January, after the country’s quarterfinal exit from the Asian Cup, when he reportedly became furious in the dressing room after China’s crushing 3-0 loss to Iran. Lippi’s first game in his second tenure will be a friendly match with the Philippines in Guangzhou o n June 7, as Team China prepares for the second round of Asian zone qualifying for Qatar 2022, which kicksRead More →

A growing number of people are eating alone, whether at home or in restaurants, and overturning traditional etiquette. Zhang Yangfei reports. In China, food has always played a major role in promoting social cohesion. Communal eating is not on ly familybased and deeply rooted in the nation’s cultural heritage, but is also regarded as an indicator of society’s health and stability. Given that background, it is little wonder that eating alone, publicly or privately, has long been considered taboo. However, in recent years things have started to change as a r esult of demographic shifts and the growing influence of modern lifestyles. According to aRead More →

ses are needed to tackle the current growth slowdown,” Elliot Harris, UN chief economist and assi stant secretary-general for economic development, said Tuesday at a news conference. “It is increasingly clear that policies to pro mote sustainable development will need to look beyond GDP growth and identify new and more robust measures of economic performance that appropriately reflect the costs of inequality, insecurity and climate change.” In response to slowing growth and subdued inflation, major central banks have eased their monetary policy stances. The recent mo netary policy shifts have helped to stabilize global financial markets and capital flows to emerging economies. However, the reportRead More →

 take place on June 17, according to the Office of the US Trade Representative. Gary Hufbauer, a senior fellow and trade expert at the Peterson Institute for Internation al Economics in Washington, said the FDRA letter will add to the pressure on Trump to reach a deal with China. “It will not be totally ignored,” Hufbauer said. Over the past few weeks, business groups have voiced their concern that the escalating tariffs on Chinese imports risked knocking consumers off their feet. The Retail Industry Leaders Association, for example, said in a st atement: “The administration’s decision to announce a tax on every product coming fromRead More →

Sure, there are exceptions to this, but by and large human bein Museums provide culture and inspire learning in the youth and popu lation of a country, and lead to an increased sense of wonder and desire to explore. For purely selfish reasons, corporations and businessmen should strive to support museums and other cultural de stinations, in hopes that generations of future workers are more creative and able to do good work. gs tend to look up to things that are difficult or costly to access. A better option is to charge fees for regular visitors but provide free ticket s as prizes for high-achievingRead More →

e from the European Union,” Graham Brady, chair of the 1922 Committee that can make or break party leaders, said following a meeting between his co mmittee’s executive and May in parliament which he described as a “very frank exchange”. The government has said lawmakers will be able to debate and vote on the Withdrawal Agre ement Bill, the legislation required to enact May’s Brexit deal, in the week starting June 3. “We have agreed that she and I will meet following the second reading of the Bill to agree a timetable for the el ection of a new leader,” Brady said, adding that theRead More →

 improve the governance of ethics in scientific research in light of the loopholes exposed in He’s case,” Zhai told China Daily. Results of further investigations in the case should be made public, including the penalties given to all involved, she said. One reason for publishing the article on Nature was to show the resolve of the gover nment and ethics scholars in China to improve ethical compliance in the sciences, Zhai said. In the commentary, the four scholars said the government should release clearer rules and regulations on the use of techn ologies and hand down sharper punishments to offenders, including disqualifying them from scientificRead More →