The 106th Indian Science Congress, which lasted five days, opened recently in Jarandal, Punjab, India. Indian Prime Minister Modi attended the opening ceremony and made a keynote speech, emphasizing that scientific research should be combined with the promotion of social development. Committed to improving human life style and quality. But the comments of some scientists at the meeting were astonishing. Some even claimed that Newton’s and Einstein’s theories were wrong. According to media reports such as the BBC and the Times of India, Krishnan, a scientist from Tamil Nadu, argues that Newton’s and Einstein’s theories are wrong, “although they are both geniuses, But Newton’s theoryRead More →

Every New Year’s Eve is a carnival for TV viewers! Each big satellite TV’s New Year’s Eve party has its own style, and the star line-up is becoming more and more luxurious. While we are excited, there will also be difficulties in choosing, for fear of missing out on the wonderful performances. On December 30, Zhejiang Satellite TV brought the first wave of this year’s “New Year’s Fever”, “National Small Video Leading Concert 2019” to meet with you formally. The whole nation’s small video with Lin Junjie’s Fancy Pink bag, Zhejiang Satellite TV New Year’s Eve to blow up the circle of friends The eveningRead More →