management, said they are seeing high levels of cash globally. But she also stressed that, alth ough it increases liquidity, cash may not necessarily be a safe strategy in the long run. Faced with many uncertainties, including downward pressure on China’s economy and escalating trade fricti on between China and the United States, 36 percent of the 465 Chinese high net worth ind ividuals – those with average personal wealth of at least 10 million yuan ($1.45 million) – polled by the Hurun Research In stitute said that the focus of their investment strategy will be to “avoid risks” this year, mainly by increasing assetRead More →

s at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said bilateral cooperation plays a prominent role in guaranteeing world peace and security at a time when the global situation is clouded by tensions and turmoil. The two countries share the same position in promoting a more stable and multipolar world, Wu said, adding that they ha ve sent such signals through supporting and coordinating with each other on international occasions. China would rather rely on market-oriented forces to determine the renminbi’s value than defend its currency by di pping into its $3 trillion foreign exchange reserves amid trade disagreements, analysts said. The United States Treasury announcedRead More →

ssible national security concerns. Fair engagement across technologies is a better way to secure national security than delinking. “The cost of decoupling will be very high for both economies,” he said. “Engage ment in a fair competition with common rules is a far better outcome than decoupling.” If there has to be some “decoupling” due to “valid national security conc erns” in both countries, that should be kept to a minimum and not exaggerated, he said. “Normal commerce is in the interest of both of our countries. And we should pursue it vigorously,” he added. Allen also said members of the council are worried thatRead More →

Party,” Farage told reporters in Southampton in southern E ngland where vote tallies from across the southeast region were being collated. “The intelligence I get is that the Brexit party is doing pretty well,” sa id Farage, who headed one of the two Brexit campaigns in the 2016 referendum. While May was forced to delay Brexit after agreeing a deal that the British parliament and much of her party reject ed, the Labour Party has voiced both support for another referendum and a promise to honour the result of the 2016 vote. The impact of such a severe election drubbing for the major parties isRead More →

 recent and future tariffs will cut about 0.3 percent of global GDP in the short ter m, with half stemming from negative effects on business and market confidence. Failure to resolve the trade differences and further escalation in other areas, such as the auto industry, which would cover several countries, “could further dent business and financial market se ntiment, negatively impact emerging market bond spreads and currencies, and slow investment and trade“, the research said. Experts urged the US government to stop its protectionism and proposed options for a resolution between the two countries. Chen Wenling, chief economist of the China Center for International EconomicRead More →

ork in the poverty-stricken mountainous areas in Laifeng, a remote county in Hubei province. He dedicated his life to the p eople, holding posts ranging from community-level government official to deputy manager of a local bank. His political beliefs as a Party member supported him during the war period and in serving th e people in peacetime, with indifference to fame and wealth, Zhang told Xinhua News Agency. He said he has been fulfilling the oath that he had sworn when joining the Party, and that he doesn’t deserve special recognition for his a chievements, since what he did was negligible compared with those whoRead More →

the ideal way to govern their countries.Lee and Mahathir maintained that i n Asia, social order and strong governance are keys to a stable and wealthy society. This type of governance succeeded in fostering rapid growth in Singap ore, Malaysia, South Korea and China. Santarita said strong Asian leaders are effe ctive because they serve their constituents and value mutual respect and discipline. Analysts said the Asian emphasis on community and harmony can help resolve some of the world’s most pressing intern ational issues such as territorial disputes, climate change and sustainable economic development. Santarita cited the current dispute over the South China Sea whichRead More →

nitoring and evaluation of Arctic climate and environmental changes, develop platforms for po lar scientific research, and promote the sharing of Arctic observation data and international work pr ojects, Wang said during the Arctic Circle China Forum in Shanghai on Friday. “We look forward to working with other countries to smooth the economic channel that conn ects the European and American continents through the Arctic Ocean and jointly create a ‘Polar Silk Roa d’ to facilitate connectivity and sustainable economic and social development of the Arctic,” he said. Wang said that Arctic affairs, especially those regarding climate c hange, environmental protection, scientific research and theRead More →

mation, also considers characterization as a crucial element to developing successful animated works. The studio’s 2018 smash hit Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse won a string of awards, including the 91st Os cars’ best animated feature, thanks to its unique look that combines computer animation and traditional hand-drawn techniques. Speaking of developing a formula for making hit movies, Marsden says: “It begin s with characters. If you can create a character that is beloved, charming and appealing, and touches the hearts of an audie nce, you are well on your way to creating a successful animated movie that can cross all borders.” If Hollywood’s experience leadsRead More →

old student from Xidian University in Shaanxi province, died from a rare cancer of the soft tissue. Wei was re searching the disease on Baidu and came across an advertisement for treatments that proved ineffective. After Wei’s death, Baidu announced a sweeping restructuring and optimization of its medical business, especially regardi ng its paid listing practices. It also tightened regulations on medical promotion and enforced clear labeling rul es that differentiate advertisements from credible medical information, according to media reports. However, medical advertising remains one of the key sources of income for Baidu, and some are still trying to exploit the s ystem. In April,Read More →