ted cities, Jakarta, a city of more than 10 million people, is also one of the most congested. In his address to parliament, Jokowi said: “A capital city is not just a symbol of nati上海夜网女神会所 onal identity, but also a representation of the progress of the nation.” 上海夜网He did not give the exact location in Kalimantan for the new city. It is a region with a population of just over 16 million people and known for rainforests and orangutans.上海夜网 Widodo toured Kalimantan in May to survey potential sites. 上海夜网女神会所Kyle Springer, a senior analyst with the Perth USAsi a Centre at the University of Western Australia,Read More →

Most of the tunnels along the Lhasa-Nyingchi section of the Sich 上海夜网品茶微信uan-Tibet Railway have been completed, railway authorities said over the weekend. The Bukamu Tunnel, one of the longest tunnels on the railway linking Lha上海夜网 sa and Nyingchi in Southwest China’s Tibet autonomous region, was completed on Fr iday. With its completion, 96 percent of the tunnels on the Lhasa-Nyingchi section of the railway are finished.上海夜网 The 9,240-meter Bukamu Tunnel is located in Manling county of the reg ion’s eastern Nyingchi city. According to the China Railway 17th Bureau Group, and it is also the 37th tunnel to be completed for this section, leaving 10Read More →

Dutch lighting specialist helps advance smart city initiative with lower energy use and reduced operating costs Ahead of the inaugural China International Import Expo上海夜网 last year, the Bund, Shanghai’s famous waterfront, was given a dramatic face-lift when it was illum 上海夜网女神会所inated along with three bridges and more than 40 buildings in the financial and tourist districts. Dutch lighting specialist Signify, formerly known as Philips Lighting, was responsible for the illumination. The com pany said it is the largest, single, architectural lighting project in Signify’s 127-year history and illustrates the co上海夜网 mpany’s leadership in unlocking the potential of connected lighting to transform cities. “The upgraded lightingRead More →

For most of us, it is just a daydream to quit our job, pull up stakes and travel around the world. However, for Jon Favreau, doing just that may just have landed him上海夜网 the biggest project in his filmmaking career, after a six-month sabbatical to Africa earned him 上海夜网品茶微信the director’s chair on Disney’s $250 million live-action remake of its 1994 animation, The Lion King. As one of the most anticipated blockbusters this summer, the new Lion King fi lm will open across the Chinese mainland on Friday, a week earlier than North America.上海夜网 According to the producers, Favreau went on a safari to Africa six monthsRead More →

port Hainan in developing the whole island into a pilot free trade zone, the 12th and the largest in the country, to gradually explore and steadily promote the establishment of a free trade port with Chinese characteristics. The Haikou Jiangdong New District covers 298 square kilometers o n the east coast of Haikou, and will have two parts: a 106-sq-km ecological region boasting a key n ational wetland natural reserve, and a 192-sq-km area that will serve both industrial and urban purposes. The provincial government said Haikou should pay great attenti on to ensure that environmental quality is advanced in an all-round way while developingRead More →

with high export exposure to the impacted economies . A more protracted period of weak international trade activity could also harm investment pr ospects and adversely affect productivity growth in the medium term.” The report indicated that the entire global economy is experiencing a broad-based growth slowdown amid unresolved tra de tensions, high international policy uncertainty and softening business confidence. The forecast for weaker global growth casts a shadow over efforts to im plement the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which has set universal go als for eliminating poverty, promoting prosperity and social well-being while protecting the environment. www.chengduyidong.cnRead More →

 in China are ready to commercialize 5G. China will directly grant 5G licenses, instead of the prev ious plan to give several key cities interim 5G licenses, to better time the rollout,” said a source clo sed to the telecom industry regulator who asked to remain anonymous because public statements are not authorized. Michael Gao Wenhao, deputy general manager of the 5G industrial products line at ZTE, disclosed at a 5G conference in Hong Kong on Thursday that “China is likely to start commercial use of 5G nationwide on Oct 1”. He told China Daily that he got the information from the country’s major telecomRead More →

 Huawei from buying US technology without special approval, Huawei’s chipmaking arm, HiSilico n, said it has long been prepared for the “extreme scenario” of the US blocking access to some components and technologies. “We have been developing backup products for years in anticipation. … Such efforts can ensure the strategic safety of most of the company’s products and a continuous supply of most products,” said HiSilicon President He Tingbo in an internal letter. Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said at a news conference on Friday that the development and utilization of 5G depends on global cooperation, and i nterference by the US undermines the principleRead More →

ugh criticized by much of the West, and the US in particular-could bring dramatic improvements in physical and digital connectivity to Central Asia and parts of Africa. Further advances in critical infrastructure will create important growth opportunities for developing countries via e-commerce, mobile paym ents, and related financial services. The experience of China suggests that these digital platforms, and the ecosy stems that develop around them, are powerful engines for incremental, highly inclusive growth. China, of course, is a very large, homogenous market. If smaller, lower-income developing countries are to bene fit from equally rapid inclusive growth, the digital platforms will have to be regionalRead More →

 responsibilities of raising a child in equal measure, which w ill ease the burden on the mothers as well as help the children learn more diverse life skills. If fathers do not share the responsibilities of raising a c hild, the mother-child bond could become so insulated that even the father might find it hard to become part of it. Therefore, Chinese women would do good to take a step back and involve their husbands in hou sehold affairs, including in raising children. Women should learn to refuse to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the fam ily and, instead, work to fulfill their otherRead More →